Ponto 3 – The world’s most powerful abutment-level sound processor

What is the Ponto 3?

Ponto 3 – The world’s most powerful abutment-level sound processor is the newest family of sound processors form Oticon Medical. It is designed to deliver premium sound quality. Ponto 3 is an osseointegrated auditory device (OAD) that incorporates a titanium prosthesis which is implanted into the skull behind the ear.

How does an OAD work?

After surgical implantation of the titanium screw it takes about 3 months for osseointegration to occur. During this period new bone grows and attaches to the small micropores of the screw fixating it to the skull. When the external processor is connected to the abudment, sound is conducted directly to the cochlea.

Audiological criteria

To be able to benefit from a OAD a patient must adhere to a certain type of hearing loss. The following are considered as elegible criteria:

• Conductive hearing loss or mixed hearing loss with bone- conduction thresholds 65 dB on the affected side
• Singles-sided deafness (SSD) with normal hearing on the other side
• SSD with decreased hearing thresholds less than 40 to 50 dB on the unaffected side

Medical indications

OADs are indicated in patients with certain medical conditions where the use of conventional hearing aids is contra-indicated. These medical conditions include
patients with absent external ear canals due to congenital or acquired aural
atresia (absecence of the canal). In patients with ear infections such as chronic discharging middle ear infections and recurrent external ear canal infection, an OAD may be a better and more practical option that a conventional hearing aid. Patients with skin allergies and those with exostoses (bony growths) in the ear canal may be better off if they use an OAD without having an earmould in the ear canal. Some patients are not happy with the occlusion effect of some conventional hearing aids with large earmoulds and will benefit form an OAD.

Ponto 3 – The world’s most powerful abutment-level sound processor
Ponto 3 – The world’s most powerful abutment-level sound processor

Why choose a Ponto 3?

The world’s most powerful abutment-level sound processor family with Utradrive

Ponto 3 is the world’s most powerful abutment-level sound processor family. In OAD power is everything. This means premium sound quality in terms of audibility and understanding, even with a more severe hearing loss. This power gives the patient a greater volume range, so loud sounds remain loud but not distorted. Softer sounds are audible. The unique UltraDrive™ technology in Ponto 3 SuperPower, together with the new Inium Sense platform, enables this power while minimising the risk of feedback.


Ponto 3 incorporates BrainHearing™ acknowledging the fact that the brain is the most important part of hearing. BrainHearing™ frees up mental energy for more important things in life. Ponto 3 therefore reduces the effort spent on listening and helps the brain to:
• Orient itself and understand what’s happening around the patient
• Separate relevant sounds from competing noise
• Focus in noisy environments
• Recognise sounds and make sense of them

Widest frequency range

Ponto 3 also has the industry’s widest frequency range. It has been shown that hearing a wider frequency range increases the speed of language learning. It uses the FreeFocus directional system, designed to help the brain focus while continuing to orient and separate sounds. It automatically switches between different modes to keep sound clear. This occurs even when the patient moves from one listening environment to another. With its unique new FreeFocus directionality, Ponto 3 provides 15% better speech understanding in most situations, typically more than 70% of times.

Inium Sense feedback shield

The Inium Sense feedback shield lets the listener avoid potential feedback that may interrupt speech understanding and communication. This advanced Feedback Management system runs continuously in order to detect and eliminate feedback quickly and efficiently, without affecting the sounds the patient wants to hear.

The Ponto 3 can be used with the Oticon Medical Streamer and ConnectLine App for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and Android™ smartphones and tablets — without compromising power, sound quality or battery lifetime.

Reliability and performance

The patient can be sure that the Ponto it will deliver the reliability and performance, required for an active lifestyle. All aspects of it have been extensively tested to ensure that they meet the most stringent quality requirements.

Discreet and available in different colours

The Ponto 3 SuperPower has all the power the patient needs in a single-unit abutment-level sound processor. It’s SuperPower’s advanced UltraDrive™ technology means the patient can enjoy premium sound quality in the same discreet design as users with a more minor hearing loss. Ponto 3 skins are available in ten different colours and a range of stickers to match the patient’s mood or style.

Am I a candidate for a Ponto 3?

Through a diagnostic audiological assessment at one of our practices it would be determined if you qualify for a Ponto 3. Should you meet the audiological requirements you will be referred to one of our surgeons who will determine your medical and anatomical (bone density and thickness) elegibility. Before any final decision for implantation patients will undergo a trial of an OAD processor attached via a bone-conduction headband. This is to allow the patient the experience of what can be expected regarding improved hearing quality before actual surgery is performed. This experience is validated through measurable audiological evaluation.

Where can I find out more?

Contact any of the practices of the CHi for an appointment or read more about the Ponto 3 from Oticon Medical.


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