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Cape Hearing Implants (NPC)

Cape Hearing Implants (CHi) is a collaboration of independent, private healthcare service providers that specialise in implantable hearing solutions. There are 4 audiology walk in practices in Cape Town that offer support to CHi patients. CHi provides a professional and comprehensive service for the identification, surgical implantation and rehabilitation of people with hearing loss. All health care providers of CHi are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). The 4 practises are located in Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital, opposite Louis Leipoldt Mediclinic, Netcare Kuils River Hospital and Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital. The service providers of CHi include ear nose and throat surgeons, audiologists, speech therapists and psychologists.

Team members of CHi are involved in monthly meetings to discuss patients with hearing loss, considered for implantation. This to ensure quality of care by combining knowledge; skills and expertise in a multi-disciplinary environment to ensure objective evaluation of implant candidacy and patient expectation.

Patient’s history, audiological assessment and radiological evaluation are discussed and suggestions are made regarding the best possible hearing outcomes for patients. In some cases, CHi offers additional support to patients who require assistance with the ongoing costs involved with the maintenance relating to Implantable hearing devises.  CHi is dedicated to raise charitable funds by means of donations to support patients in need.  Required funds are allocated based on individual needs, as well as taking the donor’s wishes into consideration.

All professionals involved with the management or treatment of a patient receiving an implantable hearing solution, and who are  registered with the HPCSA, may with consent of the patient attend CHi team discussion regarding the patient. These professionals may also observe switch on of devices, programming- and mapping sessions.



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