ADHEAR is a bone conduction hearing system that consists of two major components namely an externally worn processor and an externally worn adhesive adapter.

The ADHEAR is effortless. It does not require surgery. It consists of the ADHEAR externally worn audio processor which is attached to the skin by means of the ADHEAR Adhesive Adapter. As it does not make use of a magnet no pressure is exerted onto the skin.

Acoustic signals are picked up by the ADHEAR audio processor.The signals are converted into mechanical vibrations which vibrates the skull through the intact skin.The signals eventually reach the inner ear where they are processed as sound. Since the inner ear is directly stimulated the external ear canal is kept free and any hinderance of sound in the outer and middle ear bypassed.

ADHEAR is a gentle, effortless, reliable and cosmetic appealing option for bone conduction in adults and children.

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